Intellectual Property Aid


The game plan

Dear Everyone                                                                                     


Quite a few inventions which have benefited mankind have not always being protected by Patents and other ways to protect Intellectual Property such as Copyright and Registered Design.


The idea is that if such ideas were also protected then as well as the invention benefiting people, the financial resources they generate could also help those in need.


We need everyone aboard .People have different skills all of which could be used. Some might have an aptitude for writing Patent applications, some might have IT skills to allow Patent applications to be filed online thereby making them less expensive than paper versions, some people might come up with the idea itself. Others perhaps severely disadvantaged by life all over the World could be trained to be Patent Attorneys. Some people might know how to fundraise, others may know how to network, and do presentations for possible investors. And some may know how to get people with different backgrounds to work effectively together as a team.


If all these people could be brought together for the common good, ideas could be turned into Intellectual Property and then used to fund projects for those in need. As Patent protection ended for one idea after 20 years new ideas could come on stream to be in turn patented and to fund projects that are needed.


For many Inventors the idea itself is enough, I would like to see the ideas then used to fund projects for those up against it around the World.


No expenses or remuneration will be made to anyone involved in this. No benefits will be received by

anyone contributing time, ideas, Intellectual property, anything at all. 100% of the value of anything and everything contributed to Intellectual Property Aid will go to help those in need. 


Everyone is welcome and equal. This will be an organisation of equals where people give whatever they can to help others. It may be any of the above to offering help in other ways such as tweeting about what is hoped for, or writing letters to your local paper. Whatever and anything you can think of. The lifeblood of this will be the ideas and ingenuity of everyone, working together to help others.


I will call myself a coordinator but it will be a team effort based on mutual principles. Helping others in need is also the very best way to help ourselves and our communities.


Best wishes and welcome aboard





Bob Goodall



Intellectual Property Aid




Financial Arrangements



I am aware that the utmost transparency and probity must be maintained with regards to the financial arrangements and transactions within Intellectual property Aid.


I am attempting to start this new Charity from new and hope these arrangements may satisfy HM Revenues & Customs.


These provisional arrangements will apply until a Treasurer and one other can be found to administer the funds.


All donations must be paid into the Treasurers account at the Nationwide, entitled Campaign to save the World   Account Number 0692/704 011 288.


Until arrangements can be made that satisfy HM Revenue & Customs I propose that money may be paid into this account but not withdrawn. I will send HM Revenue & Customs regular copies of the account to show this is being maintained as agreed with HM Revenue & Customs.



Long term arrangements


A Treasurer and one other will be found who will be co-signatures on this Treasurers account.


All funds will be used to help the objectives of Intellectual Property Aid to use the protection of Intellectual Property Aid to help those most in need.


No financial benefits, or expenses, or benefits in kind will be made to anyone involved in the Intellectual Property Aid new charity.




Bob Goodall

Founder and co-ordinator

























Intellectual property aid (IPA)